"Kinez-1" to undergo clinical trials at the MONIKI base

The Russian prosthetic company has agreed to conduct clinical trials of the knee-joint module "Kinez-1" at the base of the "Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute" (MONIKI). A meeting with the top institute officials was held on July 28 at technopark Skolkovo.

"Creating the "Kinez-1" module, we were guided by the fact that the person using it would be able to get as close as possible to the physical capabilities of people without limb amputation. But we continue to improve our developments. We are planning to carry out research in cooperation with MONIKI at the institute’s clinical base, within the framework of which we will evaluate the effectiveness of feedback sensors in prosthetics at the thigh level using the "Kinez-1" module developed by RPC," said CEO of RPC Ruslan Saitgareev.

The company's development of the electronic knee-joint module "Kinez-1" was presented at the meeting. Moreover, socially significant areas of cooperation in prosthetics and rehabilitation of people with

disabilities were outlined with the participation of the chief traumatologist of the Moscow region Dmitry Shavyrin.