MosPrOE staff get instructed on installing the "Kinez-1" module

Employees of the joint-stock company "Moscow Prosthetic and Orthopedic Enterprise" (MosPrOE) were instructed on the installation of the knee-joint polycentric electronic module "Kinez-1". 140 employees took part in the training held on the first and second of August.

"Employees of the Russian Prosthetic Company (RPC) conducted the first day of training for 140 colleagues from MosPrOE. Since August 2 they have been installing the "Kinez-1" polycentric electronic knee-joint module. Let me remind you that within the framework of the signed agreement, RPC will supply "Kinez-1" as a component for the production of Russian prostheses," said Ruslan Saitgareev, CEO of RPC.

During the training, the company’s personnel were demonstrated the supply package of the knee-joint module, design, technical specifications, operating and assembly principles, as well as the use of the knee-joint module by the pilot, the operation of the mobile application and were told about the conditions and scope of the knee-joint module, assembly of the prosthesis scheme and maintenance of the knee-joint module.

"Kinez-1" is 95% made of domestic components. The software for the module was also developed by IT specialists from RPC. The module automatically adapts to the user's walking style and pace.