RPC team win prizes in Cyber Athletics Championship

Dmitry Frolov and Olga Liverova took the first and the second places in discipline "Functional thigh prostheses" at the Moscow Open Cyber Athletics Championship, held on August 24-26 at the Phoenix Center.

They also won the team competition. The tests were carried out by the team of the Russian Prosthetic Company (RPC) using the Russian "Kinez-1" knee-joint module.

"Our young company develops high-tech devices for people with physical disabilities. After six months of work we have designed and presented a knee-joint module with microprocessor control "Kinez-1". All certificates authorizing its use have been obtained. Recently, our employees, who are experienced module testers, took part in the Cyber Athletics Championship and took first prizes. It only proves that the components we have created for prostheses fully meet the needs of users and help them completely restore lost capabilities," said Ruslan Saitgareev, CEO of RPC.

The championship took place at the Phoenix Assistive Technology Center, where a special track was made. Various trainings and competitions for people with disabilities are held there. Athletes from 15 regions of Russia took part in the latest championship.

Within the competition the athletes performed everyday activities with the help of various devices and products that can be used by people with no disabilities. Athletes can participate in both individual and team competitions using technologies and products including devices developed by domestic companies.