Russian prostheses to be produced using the "Kinez-1" knee-joint module

The Russian Prosthetic Company (RPC) has entered into an agreement for the supply of the "Kinez-1" knee-joint module as a component for prostheses produced by the Moscow Prosthetic and Orthopedic Enterprise (MosPrOE) Joint Stock Company. The contract was signed by CEO of RPC Ruslan Saitgareev and CEO of MosPrOE Bidzina Khubutia.

"RPC signed an agreement under which "Kinez-1" will become a component in the production of domestic prostheses. The first batch of 10 pieces will be delivered on Monday. They will be used for prosthetics for amputations at the thigh level. We are sure that the quality of our knee-joint module will be highly esteemed by the users, as it adapts to a person's walking style. At the same time, it is 95% constructed of domestic components, so there is no dependence on the supply of foreign software and a foreign component base," noted Ruslan Saitgareev.

"Kinez-1" has a polycentric four-axis design and automatically adapts to the walking style and pace. Due to the microprocessor technologies used in its operation, the module reads information about the nature and inclination of the surface, the level of pressure on the prosthesis, as well as the intensity of movement, cycles and phases of walking.

The module can be individually adjusted via intelligent control. The user can move at variable speeds, change the direction of movement, walking duration and distance. In this way, a person comes as close as possible to the capabilities of people without limb amputation having active lifestyles.

"We have already received the first positive feedback from our patients who tested the "Kinez-1" knee-joint module. It is extremely important that the new domestic product fully meets all their needs, because the

convenience and comfort of the patient is vital. We hope for long-term productive cooperation with our colleagues from RPC, which is becoming especially relevant within the framework of the import substitution policy taken by our state," said Bidzina Khubutia.