Mobile application with a new design released for "Kinez-1" users

Russian Prosthetic Company (RPC) has updated the mobile application for the users of the "Kinez-1" knee-joint module adding a more

user-friendly interface.

"The "Kinez-1" knee-joint module is controlled via a mobile application developed by Russian specialists. The new app provides a more reliable and higher level of personalization. Use of the application has become the most comfortable possible due to its user-friendly interface," said Ruslan Saitgareev, CEO of RPC.

The application displays the general status of the knee-joint module, as well as the indication of the charger and the battery life.

The main screen indicators enable real time monitoring of the module's operation, as well as control of its main parameters. For example, a user can monitor the number of steps taken, the current walking pace and the stiffness of the module while learning how to walk or when training on a prosthesis with the "Kinez-1" module.

The mobile application is intended for use on smartphones with Android and IOS operating systems via Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0.