Knee-joint module with electronic control: testing of bionic prosthesis produced in Russia has been started

Microchip-controlled prosthesis made in Russia is being tested at Sechenov University. It principally consists of domestically made elements and operates with its own software. People, who this product is made for, are taking part in the testing. They know for certain what is needed for prostheses like this. Moreover, the prosthesis is being tested both literally on the ground and in the air. In order to jump from the height of four thousand meters, Dmitriy had to train in a wind-tunnel and then step from the airplane within the unusual project.
Lidiya Ardasenova, project manager of "Endless Practice":

"I will clarify, "Endless Practice" project is for athletes with physical disabilities. They are mainly people with no legs or arms."

Dmitry and Vyacheslav are testers of the new Russian prostheses. A knee-joint module with electronic control had not ever been produced in our country before.

Vyacheslav Egorov, prostheses tester: "I have been testing it for just two days."

Vyacheslav lost his leg in 2012. Since then he has changed three prostheses, the current prosthesis which is being tested is the forth one. Vyacheslav likes it. Yes, it has something to be improved, but what Russian developers managed to do within just seven months is really astonishing.

Vyacheslav Egorov: "It's just the beginning, it's all in progress. I believe they are trying to do their best. We are in touch with the creators, we would like to make it faster at some points or slower at some other parts."

The key point is the speed, either to make it faster or slower. Electronics, servo units, batteries, and high technologies are needed for this.

Nicolai Sharov, head of production department of RPC: "The knee-joint module is pneumatic. It works to press the air chamber, it has a microprocessor control which is responsible for the speed of the air flow and therefore the regulation of stiffness. The faster the speed is, the faster it works."

At the moment the developers in association with Sechenov University are checking the new product - knee-joint module. "The combination of microprocessor and polycentric four-axis mechanism, and also intelligent control and individual adjustment of the knee-joint module" - this is the quote from the official press release. It sounds complicated but in fact it is simply about the new opportunities.

Source: NTV